OpenSea in Hot Water | 4.11.22

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Apr 12, 2022

OpenSea in Hot Water | 4.11.22

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OpenSea in Hot Water

Popular NFT marketplace OpenSea is facing three lawsuits due to stolen or hacked Bored Apes from owners off the platform. 

Two of the attacks happened to Timmy McKimmy and Michael Valise via OpenSea hack. A user, (it is unclear if it was the same user or two different individuals) bid fractions on unlisted BAYC NFTs from OpenSea users and hacked into the backend to accept the bid. The hacker then sold the stolen goods for thousands upon thousands.

McKimmy and Valise are suing OpenSea for negligence and security exploitation. 

The third attack happened a little differently to Robert Armijo. Armijo approached his Cool Cats NFT community via Discord to see if anyone would be interested in a trade of a Cool Cat for his Mutant Ape. 

Armijo began communicating with a user who sent him a link saying that his Cool Cat was uploaded and Armijo just needed to upload his for the exchange to go through. When Armijo opened the link, his wallet was then compromised allowing for the user to take ownership of his two Mutant Apes and a Bored Ape. 

In an effort to get ahead of the attack, Armijo contacted OpenSea to try and get them to freeze his stolen assets in case they came through the platform, but was met with hurdles he didn’t expect. Armijo reached out to OpenSea to no avail. He is now seeking legal action as well. 

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