UK Wants to "Lead the Way" in Crypto | 4.4.22

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Apr 4, 2022

UK Wants to "Lead the Way" in Crypto | 4.4.22

GM Ser,

UK Wants to "Lead the Way" in Crypto

Today the UK government announced their plans to mint their own NFT. 

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has commissioned the Royal Mint to create the NFT and have it ready by this summer. Apparently more details are soon to come. 

The UK seems to be developing plans for a stablecoin, as well as their involvement in web3. 

This support for wanting to be a crypto leader comes on the heels of some mixed signals for the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority shunned multiple crypto firms citing that too many red flags were going unnoticed. 

How Britain will really develop their wings of digital finance, only time will tell.

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