Another BAYC Bites the Dust | 3.28.22

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Mar 29, 2022

Another BAYC Bites the Dust | 3.28.22

GM Ser,

Another BAYC Bites the Dust

It’s a tale as old as OpenSea. It has been reported that another Bored Ape has been sold grossly under its valuation. 

BAYC #835, one which was sold for $50,000 just this past summer, has just been sold for a mere $115. The same seller seemingly sold Mutant Ape #11670 for $25 to the same buyer as the BAYC. 

It seems the whole situation could be a hack, due to the seller known as cchan not having been aware of any transactions. 

According to The Block, “Since the purchase, the new buyer has claimed the Ape tokens from the ApeCoin airdrop. They received 12,136 Ape tokens ($180,000).”

Looking at blockchain history, it appears to be that the buyer has been placing bids on multiple Bored Apes in DAI, perhaps hoping to bait someone into thinking the transaction is in ETH and accepting the sale. The seller in this situation just may have fallen for this scheme.  

Will Smith Slap Now an NFT

The slap Will Smith gave to Chris Rock live at the Oscars was the shot heard around the world. The infamous moment is now circling the internet as an NFT.

The collection was sold on OpenSea by user Will Smith Slap DAO has sold 730 of the 2,000 minted tokens ranging between $7-300. 

This set of Slap NFTs isn’t the only one of its kind on the market. Overall, the Slap NFTs have sold for a collective $48,000.

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