NFT Goes TV | 1.13.22

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Mar 21, 2022

NFT Goes TV | 1.13.22

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The Kid and Family division over at TIME media company is making headway creating children’s stories based on NFT characters. 

Two new animated series’ in the works are based off of Waheed’s Smilesssvrs and Doug’s Toy Boogers NFT collections.

Time president Keith Grossman said [Time’s] hope is to become the “de facto studio for the web3 era.” Time has come to recognize the wide array of creative talent within NFT artists and is excited to grow with them and bring them into the fold. 

It was announced earlier this week by Time’s CEO and editor-in-chief that Grossman would be transitioning into a new role that will be aiding the company's expansion into the web3 ecosystem. 

Gap’s NFT Game Heats Up

Joining the ranks of various apparel companies, today Gap released NFTs of their staple hoodie. This move shot the clothing companies stock up 5%. According to Yahoo! Finance, the prices for the NFTs will be tiered “ranging from about $8.30 to $415 for a collectible that comes with a physical hoodie.”

MIramax Getting in Tarantino’s Way

It seems the famed creator and director of the 1994 American classic “Pulp Fiction” has run into roadblocks put up by entertainment company Miramax. 

Producers from the film have filed a suit against Tarantino citing copyright infringement and breach of contract. However, those working with the director say he has the rights to be able to auction off original memorabilia from the film. 

The auction is set for January 17, but that’s not without both parties putting up a legal fight.

Legal experts say that this grapple of rights is only to become more prevalent in the coming seasons with NFTs growing in popularity. “Every third call I get is about NFTs,” said Thomas C. Danziger who specializes in art law and transactions.

As Far as NFTs Go, China has Entered the Chat

Cryptocurrencies, though a rage in the states and abroad, China has banned the decentralized coinage. However, they are making room for the NFT space

The NFTs will be backed by a Chinese regulated Blockchain Services Network. Through the network people will be able to manage NFTs on their own. Instead of traditional crypto for purchases, only Chinese yuan will be accepted. 

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