The NFT Future Brings Stock and Property into Web3 | 1.14.22

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Mar 21, 2022

The NFT Future Brings Stock and Property into Web3 | 1.14.22

GM Ser,

The NFT Future Brings Stock and Property into the Web3

Venture capitalist Bill Tai fully expects to see physical assets included in the NFT world in the future. Stocks, real estate, art, and anything in between. 

According to DappRadar, NFT sales in 2021 hit $25 million. “It's going to happen” and it’s “not even a question,” said Tai to CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal. Following the record $69 million Christie’s sale, there really is no limit to what NFTs can become.

Popular Voice Actor Stirs Up NFT Hate

Troy Baker is an American voice actor best known for lending his vocal talent to the video game “The Last of Us” as Joel Baker. He’s also voiced in “Lord of the Rings” franchised games as well as the ever popular “Fortnight.” 

Though popular and revered as an artist, people aren’t letting his credentials get in the way of what they really think about his latest NFT announcement. 

Tweeting yesterday, Baker posted his collaboration with Voiceverse NFT, an AI-generated voiceover creation company. 

Being an established voiceover actor himself, people couldn’t understand his support for an organization that seemingly intends to put working actors out on the streets. As if the biz wasn’t hard enough. 

On top of putting creatives out of potential work, people are coming for the actor out of the sheer opposition for the NFT concept, citing environmental harm and unethical design. 

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