The Matrix Mess | 12.1.21

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Mar 21, 2022

The Matrix Mess | 12.1.21

GM Ser,

The Matrix Mess

Warner Bros. Entertainment announced in early November that they would be minting 100,000 “Matrix” inspired NFTs. The launch was scheduled for Nov. 30 through Nifty’ However, the launch proved too demanding for the NFT website as they had to put the release on pause not once, but twice. The delay in people’s ability to purchase led to a Nifty’s spokesperson to say in a statement, “Fans of the Matrix are even more passionate than we anticipated, and as a result, the demand surpassed our expectations.” The surge of buyers caused the allotted purchasing amount of 25 per person per day to reduce down to only 5. 

Hope in Holograms

As crypto and NFTs become more widely accepted and mainstream, many are realizing how the electronic currency affects the planet. In an effort to conserve the world we have, Art Basel Miami is featuring an NFT collection that serves to raise money to help save the oceans. The artwork featured in the OceanDrop collection, created by the Open Earth Foundation, will have holographic elements to each piece. 

Cohen to Cash in on NFTs

Only out a week and Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen is already trying to jump on the bustling NFT bandwagon. Cohen’s NFT collection will feature the badge he wore while in Otisville Prison, a handwritten page of his memoir “Disloyal,” which he wrote during his first few days in the New York based federal prison, as well as video footage of Cohen handwriting the draft–which is never-before-seen. The “Disloyal” attorney is partnering with ArtGrails to get his work out onto the auction room floor.

Cohen was imprisoned on accounts of tax evasion, among other things. He served a three-year sentence with 18 months of it being from his Park Avenue apartment. 

Metaverse Marks the Spot

Digital artwork is what the NFT space has been largely known for thus far, but there’s a new current making waves: Metaverse land. According to DappRadar, Metaverse projects that were blockchain-based garnered more than $100 million in virtual land just last week. All four projects are through Ethereum’s blockchain. However, other projects outside of Ethereum are starting to gain traction as well. The project to “land” the biggest sales is Decentraland with its Fashion Street District raking in $2.7 million in virtual lots.

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