Picasso Gives the NFT Go-Ahead | 2.17.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Picasso Gives the NFT Go-Ahead | 2.17.22

GM Ser,

Picasso Gives the NFT Go-Ahead

Marina Picasso, granddaughter of world-renowned painter Pablo Picasso, and her son have received the okay from her Uncle Claude to continue in their NFT endeavor honoring the great artist. 

At first, Claude, the overseer of the Picasso Foundation, gave his disapproval of the plan. Legal notes said that any NFT artwork marketed as “Picasso” would be an infringement of copyright. 

However, it now seems Claude has changed his tune. In a video statement, Marina says the family wasn’t supportive of the idea due to a misunderstanding. 

Now with the family behind them, Marina and son Florian have embarked on their NFT journey, creating work inspired by one of Picasso’s bowls that is kept within the family. 

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