Crypto Chicks Face Theft Allegations | 2.19.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Crypto Chicks Face Theft Allegations | 2.19.22

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Crypto Chicks Face Theft Allegations and More

Crypto Chicks, the NFT project popular for creating artwork of women in different skin tones, hair types and wardrobe styles are facing backlash from Twitter user @NFTtheft, calling them out for stealing their artwork from another artist. 

 @NFTtheft brought to light the work done by artist Illustramanda from 2018, prior to Crypto Chick’s inception. @NFTtheft also accused CC of discrediting the original artist’s work and weaponizing “their fans.”

Shortly after the accusations on Twitter, Crypto Chicks replied saying the copycat of someone else’s work was “news to them.” The artist who does the CC illustrations also came out and said she didn’t realize there was other art as similar and that she wasn’t familiar with Illustramanda’s work and apologized for the unintentional copying. 

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