NFT in the Name of Cyber Protection | 2.22.22

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Mar 21, 2022

NFT in the Name of Cyber Protection | 2.22.22

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NFT in the Name of Cyber Protection

NFTs are cutting edge in the internet and crypto space. But one man has set out to create an NFT like no other. 

Alison Parker was a news reporter whose death was caught on camera and broadcast live in 2015. Her cameraman Adam Ward was also gunned down. Sadly, the broadcast of her death has been streamed more than just that one time, living on through the internet with no way to shut it down.

Her father, Andy Parker, has possibly come up with a plan to remedy that cause: an NFT. 

Once minted and purchased, one person has the sole ownership of that NFT. If anyone were to try to copy or distribute the token without permission, the owner has the power to take legal action against further fabrications. With this logic, Parker is trying to mint the footage of his daughter. 

The fate of his quest is still unknown, but in an effort to protect the legacy of his daughter, this father is giving it one last try. 


Lawsuit of the Apes

NFT marketplace OpenSea is facing a lawsuit over the theft of a Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

Timothy McKimmy is suing the company over the unknowing sale of his BAYC for the low low price of $27. He claims OpenSea knew of the flaw in their system allowing for breaches that allow attackers to purchase unlisted tokens at astronomically low figures. 

The hacker turned a $250k profit after selling the stolen Ape. Now McKimmy is wanting the token back or damages paid – over $1 million. 

McKimmy also claims that instead of halting sales, the platform kept going instead of addressing the issues at hand. 

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