NFTs Go Hollywood | 2.25.22

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Mar 21, 2022

NFTs Go Hollywood | 2.25.22

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NFTs Go Hollywood

Grab a coke and some buttered popcorn because Ben Mauro’s NFT comic book series “Huxley” is headed to the big screen.

The rights to the Huxley story have been acquired by Marvel film producer Ari Arad, who will be co-producing the film.

Mauro first dropped the Huxley NFT in October 2021, the pieces going for under $400. Since, a second drop has been released and collectively both issues have sold on secondary marketplaces for $4.9M. 

The digital creator is thrilled at what NFTs provide for artists today. “This is a very big idea that will help every artist in the world and change a lot of artists’ lives, I think,” Mauro said. 

“It basically solves a problem that we’ve been having our whole careers with not being able to make any money with our digital creations. It’s completely revolutionary to me.”

Huxley isn’t the only NFT-to-screen adaption in the works. Other collections such as BAYC and World of Women are said to have also hired representation for movie and television

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