Pixelmon A Letdown? | 2.28.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Pixelmon A Letdown? | 2.28.22

GM Ser,

Pixelmon A Letdown? 

A grand total of $70 million was collected for the Pokemon-like game, only to be critically panned by the crypto community due to the shockingly bad artwork that was done up for it.  

However, the artwork that looks like it was done by a middle schooler in Paint is having a surprising turn of events. 

The whole situation seems to have brought up the value on some of the collections characters. One piece selling for 3 ETH. 

The situation hasn’t been completely positive, though. The backlash on how far this project missed the mark caused the project itself to recognize how awful of a job they had done. So much so, the project’s creator disclosed on Twitter his real name, age (21), and that his family, as well as other members on the team were receiving threats. 

The project has announced that they have offers coming in to partner with bigger, truly capable gaming companies and ensure those who invested will get their piece of the pie. 


NFTs Welcome the Restaurant Industry

It appears that restaurant and celebrity are two cultures that tend to go hand in hand. So and so was seen eating here, this person loves the food there, and so on. And as it’s no surprise to see some of the biggest household names joining the NFT palooza, restaurants and chefs might not be too far behind. 

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Someone Made a “COVID NFT” and Sent It to 96,000 People Without Asking

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