Canabis Company Giving Discounts to Favorite NFTS | 2.9.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Canabis Company Giving Discounts to Favorite NFTS | 2.9.22

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Canabis Company Giving Discounts to Favorite NFTS

The online cannabis dispensary company Kandy Girl announced that they would be offering discounts to certain NFT communities, just as long as the individual continues to be a holder in that project. 

Kandy Girl’s partnerships with certain NFTs is largely community based. There have been no deals between project devs and the dispensary. 

Founder Alina Boyce said in a statement, "A lot of these NFT projects people are investing in, either don't end up delivering on their promises, or it just takes so long for the promises of these projects to be executed. It scares investors when they see the floor price of a NFT project start dropping. We've created a reason to stay."

KG will be offering 50% off to anyone within the following communities and ships to anywhere in the country.

Boyce continued on saying, "When I bought these NFT's I partnered with the community. I don't need permission from the project owners to give the holders a discount. That's my own prerogative.”

Stoner Ape Club - Community Partnership

Monster Ape Club - Community Partnership

Lucky Lion Club - Official Partnership

High Smugglers - Club Official Partnership

Alpha Kongs Club - Community Partnership

Apes 3D - Community Partnership

NugFt's - Official Partnership

Stoner Ape Club - Community Partnership

Crypto Chicks - Community Partnership


Zynga Gets Ready for Web3

Gaming giant Zynga is getting their team ready for web3 prep. The company’s first NFT games are in the works.

According to CEO Matt Wolf, the growth will lend itself to new partnerships and potential acquisitions. 

“We know that in order for us to go fast, and be responsible to our company and our consumers and employees, we need to surround ourselves with capability, which we can get very quickly through alliances and partnerships…We have to be really careful and actively listen and deeply understand who the cohort is that are consuming these blockchain games right now, who are collecting these NFTs,” Wolf continued,” said Wolf. 

The plan as of now is to build the NFT games from the ground up, instead of implementing them into Zynga’s staple games. 

The company’s web3 is starting small but with hopes to expand. Zynga is keeping things humble by not claiming to know everything. They are just about as new to this space as anyone else and they don’t have all the answers, but they’re excited to learn and grow. 

This isn’t Z’s first endeavor into the crypto game market. This news comes on the heels of gaming company Take-Two Interactive’s plans to acquire Zynga for a reported $12.7 billion. However, there’s no ink on the deal – at least not yet. 

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