‍Medical NFT Misfire | 1.24.22

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Mar 21, 2022

‍Medical NFT Misfire | 1.24.22

GM Ser,

Medical NFT Misfire 

A Parisian doctor is having to face the law after word got out that he was attempting to sell a former patient’s X-ray online as an NFT. 

The patient in question, who is remaining anonymous, was involved in the November 13, 2015 Paris attack at the Bataclan concert hall. The woman was shot and had a bullet lodged in her arm, the injury of which the X-ray shows. 

Online, the disgraced physician described the NFT as a former patient who was involved in the attack and whose boyfriend had also died in the process. 

Such specific details made it easy to track down who the woman was. The doctor made a phone call to the woman explaining his side of the story, apparently offering no sympathy or remorse. 

The NFT has been withdrawn, but went for $2776 on OpenSea. 

OpenSea Bug Leads Hackers to Make Millions

A piece from the BAYC collection sold on OpenSea for just shy of $2000, when normally, BAYC’s go for thousands upon thousands of dollars. Less than 30 minutes after that piece, #9991, was sold, it made $189,040. 

How did this happen? A bug on OpenSea made it possible for users to purchase certain NFTs for far below what they’re worth and what they normally go for because owners of said NFTs didn’t realize these pieces were still up for sale at a formerly lower price than what they should have been listed at. 

Tom Robinson, chief scientist and co-founder at Elliptic said, ““The exploit appears to come from the fact that it was previously possible to re-list an NFT at a new price, without canceling the previous listing,,, Those old listings are now being used to buy NFTs at prices specified in the past — often well below current market prices.”

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