‍John Lennon to Grace NFTs | 1.25.22

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Mar 21, 2022

‍John Lennon to Grace NFTs | 1.25.22

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John Lennon to Grace NFTs

John Lennon, though deceased 42 years this year, is dead but not forgotten. His name and legacy are now to continue on in the digital form of NFTs. 

Brought on by his son Julian Lennon, who is also an artist, is auctioning six digital pieces of original Beatles memorabilia. 

Items being sold are: Paul McCartney’s handwritten notes to the song “Hey Jude,” originally titled “Hey Jules” as it was written with Julian in mind amidst his parental divorce. Three Gibson brand guitars which were gifts from Lennon sr. to jr. Lennon’s black cape from the movie “Help,” as well as his Afghan coat which the musician wore on the set of the film “Magical Mystery Tour.” 

Apparently, the “Hey Jude” notes alone are expected to bring in more than $60,000. 

It should be noted that Lennon jr. will still be in physical possession of these items, he is only auctioning them off digitally. According to the offspring, he felt bad all these memories were cooped up in storage for preservation. Digitally however, more may be able to enjoy these pieces of history. 

The money made from the auction will be used to aid Julian’s White Feather Foundation. An organization centered around humanitarian and environmental issues. 

Julian said this of the auction: It’s “a unique way to continue Dad’s legacy,”

Mrs. Trump Adds to Her Growing NFT Collection

Former first lady Melania Trump is auctioning off her widely recognizable White Broad-Brimmed, High Blocked Crown Hat designed by Herve Pierre. And it could be yours if the price is right. (Currently going for 1,800 SOL or rather $172,116.00.) 

The hat will also come with a certificate of authenticity. Her website reads: “A personal letter from Mrs. Trump attesting to the authorship of the Head of State Collection will be included.

Additionally, the NFT will be permanently minted on the Solana Blockchain.”

With the announcement of her NFT venture, Mrs. Trump has said that a portion of the proceeds will be to aid her Be Best initiative. She has not disclosed how much of a percentage will be going to that foundation or what the remainder of the funds will be used for. 

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