Paris Hilton, the Crypto Queen | 1.26.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Paris Hilton, the Crypto Queen | 1.26.22

GM Ser,

Paris Hilton, the Crypto Queen 

Paris Hilton has been well known most of her life as a teen socialite and Hilton family heiress. But now she’s making her name known for far more than that, a crypto and NFT advocate. 

Hilton has been investing in both Bitcoin and ETH since 2016, back when they were around $1,000 (BC) and $10 (ETH) a coin. Now both are worth far more. 

In 2019, Hilton created and sold her first NFT and gave the proceeds to charity, for which she won an award for at that year’s NFT awards ceremony. 

The reality TV star says that NFTs and the metaverse are the future as is a big supporter of the web3 movement. “I just really believe in them,” she said to CNBC. 

There are plans in place for Hilton to create more NFTs based on her life and is currently creating a world called “Paris World” where people can come in and watch her DJ in the metaverse. 


Campfire Adds Heat to the NFT Gaming Arena 

Campfire, a new token set to unveil their own NFT platform titled Bazaar, is hoping to change the way the NFT space is affecting gameplay in video games. 

According to the press release, “Users will be able to buy, sell, or rent the playable and utility driven NFT's, allowing them the ability to earn passive income.” Buying and trading will be done with the use of the internal $CAMPFIRE token, which earning the token is said to be a mix of fantasy gaming and decentralized finance. 

The whitelist sale begins tomorrow, January 27 with presale and public sales to follow after. The project will also be releasing their own NFT project called Smokey. Users will be able to use the NFT to play little quests to earn more $CAMPFIRE tokens. 

The project has a lot in the works and already has what seems to be a loyal following on Twitter. 

NBA’s Mario Chalmers to Grace NFT Trading Cards

The Heat’s Maria Chalmers has inked a deal with Playmaker and 2CrazyNFT for his first NFT collection on the Binance NFT marketplace. 

Having been wanting to do something in the NFT space, Chalmers is very excited about this project. 4,000 NFTs are to be auctioned off with four levels of rarity: Classic, epic, rare, and legendary. 

As per the press release, this is what each tier will include: 

  • Classic: A private Zoom session with Mario (streamed on a basketball court). Winners of these NFTs will also have a shot at winning up to $150,000 during the livestreams.
  • Rare: This card offers a limited-edition merchandise set which includes a jersey, a pair of shoes, a basketball and much more. Items will be signed not only by Mario, but other NBA superstars as well.
  • Epic: With this second-rarest tier card, users get VIP seats to a Miami Heat game, where they can meet Mario after the game.
  • Legendary: Rarest tier card with the greatest rewards and benefits including an all expenses-paid trip to Miami where you'll get to hang out with Mario, have a fantastic dinner together, VIP club entrance, and receive a limited edition, signed merchandise set.

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