CASETiFy Goes “Phygital” | 1.27.22

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Mar 21, 2022

CASETiFy Goes “Phygital” | 1.27.22

GM Ser,

CASETiFy Goes “Phygital”

Popular phone case brand CASETiFY is launching a way for people to flaunt their NFTs on the shells of their devices. 

Consumers will be able to connect to their Ethereum wallets to prove ownership and have their favorite NFT printed to a case and then have it delivered straight to them.

To further the exclusivity being an NFT owner can bring, CASETiFY will also be offering a new camera ring specifically for verified owners. First on the list are the members of the BAYC, with time, the camera ring will be offered to members of other communities. 

CASETiFY CEO and co-founder Wes Ng said in a statement: “The launch of NFT Your Case allows the community to flex their digital artworks right in the palm of their hands, while opening the door to endless creative possibilities in the Metaverse."

All NFT cases will be issued with a unique QR code to offer metadata on the artist, artwork, and listing. 

Propy Hits the US Market

Blockchain startup Popy has brought their physical-property-to-NFT smart contract market to the United States. Having first been successful in Ukraine with an NFT property garnering more than $16 million in venture capital, they are now taking on the American legal system.

Propy will be marketing to both owners and brokers and will debut their North American auction with two properties in Florida on February 8. 

The company hopes to take this technology global, should it prove successful. Their model is to make property purchasing easier and less expensive. Through Propy, the purchase record will be on the blockchain to see and give access to legal docs showing the ownership. 

If the February auction goes well, the buyers will get a Florida-based property and will be able to borrow against it as a DeFi asset.  

CEO and co-founder of Propy said in a statement: “At Propy we have developed all the necessary smart contracts and a compatible legal framework that allows tokenizing any real estate property in the United States. NFT sales reached $4 billion in December 2021, and real-world assets will soon represent a significant portion of that market.


Welcome to the A0K1VERSE

Superstar DJ Steve Aoki has launched his own metaverse platform along with a new NFT membership. 

The platform is being marketed as a tokenized social club. Members will be able to get “exclusive access to both physical and digital opportunities.”

Aoki said the building blocks of the platform are going to be the A0K1 credits and passport. “A0K1 Credits are ERC-1155 NFTs with a total supply cap of 30,000. These will first be awarded for free to Aoki’s existing NFT holders.”


Picasso NFT Collection A No-Go

Picasso’s posterity is trying to market off the family name for an NFT collection, but the Picasso Administration, managed in part by one of the artist’s surviving children Claude Picasso, is not having it. 

Granddaughter Marina Picasso and her son Florian had put together plans to release 1,010 NFTs based on a Picasso ceramic bowl from 1958 that had never been exhibited. 

The plans were so in motion Florian had created an original song to accompany the collection with artists John Legend and Nas. However, for how much hype was surrounded around this Picasso NFT collection, the plan is no more. 

Claude Picasso has not agreed to sign off on such a venture. Without his stamp of approval from the Picasso Administration and overall family support, the project would be deemed a counterfeit. 

Florian believes had his famous forefather been alive today, he would be fully on board with this idea. 

“Evolution played a huge role in Picasso’s personal and artistic development and we believe that NFTs mirror that as they begin to infiltrate our society… He would be interested in its abstract influence on the art world,” said Florian in an interview. 

The collection is said to still be going through, except for now the project will be focused on Florian’s work as a musical artist instead of his great grandfather’s. 

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