NFT + Coffee = A Match Made in Heaven? | 1.28.22

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Mar 21, 2022

NFT + Coffee = A Match Made in Heaven? | 1.28.22

GM Ser,

NFT + Coffee = A Match Made in Heaven?

Do you love NFTs? Do you love coffee? Well this might just be the next NFT for you. Bored Breakfast Club, an NFT project centered around coffee lovers, has just partnered with Yes Plz, a coffee company, to create the first ever coffee subscription service.

The subscription will deliver coffee anywhere in the world to Bored Breakfast Club NFT holders. Did I mention the coffee’s free? 

The BBC is a collection of 5,000 pieces of unique breakfast scenes. Not only will the holders get cool digital art and free brew, but the pieces will offer additional utility in the variation of live events, a digital library, and additional coffee discounts. 

The free coffee will come with every drop, each holder can claim one bag and have it delivered wherever they’d like. 

OpenSea Offers Reimbursement Over NFT Sale Fumble

Just days after an OpenSea exploit allowing savvy buyers to purchase high-end NFTs at below-the-belt costs, the NFT marketplace has issued reimbursements to those affected. 

 OpenSea refunded 750 ETH for 130 wallet items totaling $1.8 million, according to Fortune. 

The issue began when attackers found listings of NFTs that had not been canceled by the owners, listings that had the digital assets listed for unrealistic discounts. It seems that owners hadn’t taken down their listings due to not wanting to pay for the gas fees involved.  

This then led the attackers to sell their new pieces for current market value making thousands of dollars off the hack.

Since the incident, OpenSea has actively been reaching out to those affected to reimburse them.  


NFT Concerts Have Arrived

Concert tickets just may soon become a thing of the past because coming this spring, the first NFT-gated concert is hitting the Vegas strip. 

Headlined by The Kid LAROI and The Chainsmokers with additional acts not yet disclosed, the NFT-entry concert is said to be a spectacle for the senses offering live in-person music, metaverse experiences, and virtual art. The concert will be held March 18 and 19 at AREA15 in Sin City.

If you’re thinking this concert sounds super dope, you might want to get tickets, let’s slow things down a bit. 

In order to attend this NFT-gated concert, you first have to own the NFT, naturally. There are two ways to go about this: 1, buying a Utopian NFT or 2, buying a MintPass NFT to mint a Utopian. Both options are available through OpenSea. 

The MintPass NFTs currently have a floor price of 42 ETH, or in layman's terms, $112,556.22. The Utopians have a floor price of 50 ETH.

The concert will be auctioning off 1,500 tickets with each ticket giving plus-one ability and two extra passes for friends or for the ticket holder to sell off.

If it seems like an extravagant price for a two-day event, the ticket isn’t for the Vegas experience alone, but gives access to other Afterparty events such as the “Afterparty Super Bowl Weekend Event, NFT art gallery showings at the Afterparty House, [and] the Afterparty Pop-Up House at Art Basel 2022.” The Afterparty NFTs essentially offer membership access to future events and experiences and give one community access. 

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