JB Joins the BAYC | 1.29.22

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Mar 21, 2022

JB Joins the BAYC | 1.29.22

GM Ser,

JB Joins the BAYC

He’s not just a teen heartthrob, he’s now a bonafide NFT holder. Justin Bieber is making some serious money moves in the NFT space. 

Just recently Bored Ape Yacht Club #3001 was purchased for a whopping 500 ETH ($1,311,170.) The Ape was purchased by a JustinBiebersNFT named account, which one can only assume is owned by the popstar himself. The account boasts over 100 NFTs. 

Bieber, who has an NFT as his Twitter profile pic, could possibly make the already highly popular NFT collection even more valuable. Celebrities getting into the crypto and NFT space adds to the hype as commoners alike hope to get a piece of the action as well. 

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