Bud Light to Drop New Brewski & NFT | 1.30.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Bud Light to Drop New Brewski & NFT | 1.30.22

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Bud Light to Drop New Brewski & NFT

Just in time for Super Bowl 2022, Bud Light will be dropping a new line of beverages the day after they unveil their first NFT venture.  

The new cold ones will come in the form of Bud Light Next: zero carbs, 80 calories and 4% alcohol. The NFTs will be offered the day before for those 21 and older for $400. 

For a zero carb beer, this is the first of its kind. Bud Light said in a statement that the “brewer is targeting consumers who have long desired a beer that breaks the barriers of a traditional lager and offers the sessionability and stats of a seltzer.” 

Holders of the NFT will be able to vote on Bud Light Next merch and be given access to brand and partner events. 


Minecrafters Get Rugged

The Minecraft-linked NFT venture titled “Blockverse” seems to have rugged the MC universe by dipping out of social media after their minting process. The entire collection sold out in less than eight minutes, only for radio silence from devs to follow. 

The project was an unofficial link, but was convincing enough to fraud people out of $1.2 million. Developers of the NFT have since come out to release a statement, which holders are not buying. 

In a tweet they said: “The FUD [fear, uncertainty, and doubt] quickly descended into harassment, threats, and doxxing. The team noticed all this and panicked, deleting the discord server on impulse. Everything else was closed to prevent the continuation of harassment that had occurred so far. Even then, the plan was to reopen once everyone had time to calm down.

There is absolutely no reason for us to leave permanently, as all the technical work and infrastructure for the project thus far has already been put in place. It was actually more work to take things down than to leave it up, but again, everything was done in the interest of protecting personal safety.”

Only time will tell whether or not more drops and developer communication are in the works.

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