Kanye Cancels NFTs | 1.31.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Kanye Cancels NFTs | 1.31.22

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Kanye Cancels NFTs

In case you were hoping to add a “Donda 2” NFT to the collection, think again. Kanye West took to Instagram this week to make it very clear to anyone wondering that he will not be joining the NFT space – at least for now.  

His post of a white sheet of paper inked with the words, “My focus is on building real products in the real world; real food, real food, real clothes, real shelter. Do not ask me to do a f—ing NFT. Ask me later,” was signed, Ye. 


Worms: NFT Games or Not?

Many will remember the Worms video game first made popular after its release in the 90s. In keeping with its longevity, Team 17, the makers behind Words recently announced that they would be releasing the franchise as limited-edition NFTs. 

Team 17 recently partnered with Reality Gaming Group to sell a Worms variant collection called MetaWorms which features a “generative art project called Colonel, a multi-colored Worm with its own stand and plaque.” 

A cut of the proceeds of the MetaWorms sales are going to Coin 4 Planet, an organization that focuses on sustainability and supports food waste-processing worm beds. 

After all the NFT statements, it seems Team 17 is backtracking on that deal. In a recent statement, they said that they would be partnering to sell Worms NFTs, however they wouldn’t be introducing any NFTs into games. 

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