Warner Bros. Acquires DC Comics for Trading Cards | 3.10.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Warner Bros. Acquires DC Comics for Trading Cards | 3.10.22

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The Littles Making a Big Impact

“The littles” NFT is being expanded into a children’s show by TIME Studios. TIME’s Kids and & Family division will be producing the show. 

Created by Wil and Cass Lee through the inspiration of their children, “the littles” centers around humility, fun, and inclusion. 

 The collection has 10,000 pieces on the Ethereum blockchain with some pieces up in the millions on OpenSea as of March 10. 

 “web3 has enabled me to share my roots globally, and through the littles to capture and share that long-forgotten sense of awe that children have. This partnership provides me a dream-come-true opportunity to work with a cultural pillar to share that feeling more broadly and expose more families to web3,” said Wil. 


Trading Cards for Grown-Ups

You can take the kid out of childhood, but you can’t take the childhood out of the kid. It seems in that case, Warner Bros. knows what they’re doing. 

Warner Bros. is rolling out over 6M trading cards inspired by DC Comics. Each pack of cards will range between $5-120 with the option to redeem the card’s NFT pair through the Hro app.

The collection will feature 155 different superheroes including DC’s latest “The Batman” with Robert Pattinson. 

President of global brands and experiences for Warner Bros Pam Lifford said,“Trading cards have been a favorite of fans for decades. Combining that enthusiasm for collecting with a custom NFT is just brilliant.”

The cards will be available later this month. 

The Acura of Decentraland

The makers at Acura are trying to speak to a younger generation with the creation of their new NFT project. 

The first 500 people to reserve the 2023 Acura will get an NFT included into the deal. Aside from the cool artwork done by 3D artist Andreas Wannerstedt, the NFT doesn’t seem to offer any utility other than bragging rights. 

The 2023 Acura will be shown off in a virtual showroom the same week as virtual fashion week. The showroom called “Acura of Decentraland” is inside the metaverse at www.acuraverse.com and will open on March 22. 

According to MotorTrend, “They can also view a new line of clothes that are designed by the artist Wannerstedt, play the "Beat That" racing game made for Acura, and look through various interactive rooms and activities within the "showroom."” 

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