CryptoPunk Joins the Fight for the Ukraine | 3.2.22

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Mar 21, 2022

CryptoPunk Joins the Fight for the Ukraine | 3.2.22

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CryptoPunk Joins the Fight for the Ukraine

A CryptoPunk was transferred into Ukraine's ethereum wallet which has already garnered over $33M. 

The CP is suspected to be worth around $200,000. The last time the Punk had been in circulation was back in February of last year before being sold to its most recent owner pre-donation. Apparently $14M of the $33 has already been spent on military supplies, food and gas. 

As of now, there is no word on how the Punk will be used. 


Ukrainian Flag Raises Millions

An NFT of the Ukraine flag has sold for about $6.5M, or 2,258 ETH. 

The proceeds of the sale are being sent to Come Back Alive, an organization that is sending supplies to Ukraine military and civilians. The purchase was made possible by a group of 3,271 people who pooled together through a platform called PartyBid. 

The UkraineDAO which made the sale said they will be giving those who donated toward the flag will get a LOVE token. The token will have no utility, but “are a beautiful testament and reminder of your contribution to a noble cause,” according to its website.

Charli XCX Bullied Out of NFT Concert

After receiving pushback from fans, singer Charli XCX has bowed out of the NFT concert she had signed onto. 

XCX said to Rolling Stone, “[Fans] were angry about that and giving me a lot of flack for that, which, yes, that’s sad but whatever. I pulled out of the festival, that was my decision that I made, and I didn’t feel the need to announce it or let them know but I did pull out.”

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