Bob Dylan Takes on the Metaverse | 3.3.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Bob Dylan Takes on the Metaverse | 3.3.22

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Large Crypto Donations Ignite NFTs to Help Ukrainian Defense

After more than $50M raised in cryptocurrencies alone, Ukraine has announced to aid the Ukrainian Armed Forces, via Twitter. The country, however, canceled plans to airdrop crypto “after careful consideration” but they are hoping to continue to raise money by way of digital tokens. 

The $50M includes a $5.8M gift from Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, as well as a $200K CryptoPunk. Donors have also been sending money in the forms of eth and bitcoin. 


Bob Dylan Takes on the Metaverse

The “Blowing in the Wind” singer is making money movies and rolling out his own NFT collection with marketplace Snowcrash. Dylan himself, along with his son, are co-founders in the marketplace. 

The father-son duo has decided to launch their marketplace on the Solana network. Snowcrash is also partnering with FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange form.

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