Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Wipes the Floor with NFT Project | 3.4.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Wipes the Floor with NFT Project | 3.4.22

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Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Wipes the Floor with NFT Project

In conjunction with the new Solana-based platform HEIR, where professional athletes can connect with fans, NBA and Bulls star Michael Jordan is rolling out his own NFT, in partnership with his son. 

The project, perfectly titled “6 Rings,” is a reflection of Jordan’s iconic career on the court. The piece sold 5,001 one pieces each selling at 2.3 SOL or $221 USD – a wink at Jordan’s jersey number, 23. The project sold on Solana’s Magic Eden marketplace. 

The drop was originally supposed to sell double, but seeing as the sales were slow to come in, they reduced the sale by half. The project then sold out. 

The HEIR platform claims to be able to connect star athletes to their fans by providing “huddles,” “communities that allow a limited number of users. Huddle members will get access to exclusive content from each athlete, as well as ask-me-anything sessions, merchandise, and more.”

HEIR announced via Twitter Space that the community can expect current players, as well as legends to be involved on the platform.  

NFTs on the Decline?

According to new results on Google Trends, searches for the metaverse and NFTs have taken a dip since the start of the new year with March chronicling the lowest those searches have been since the 2021 boom.

Southwestern University Gives NFTs the Welcome Tour

Southwestern University’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has announced a three-year deal with the NFT marketplace Legacy League.

“This just happens to be a digital item as opposed to a baseball or something like that… There is a marketplace, so not only can they collect it, but they can keep it, they can have it to view or share it with their friends or they can buy or sell the asset as well,” said Doug Ross, Associate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Legacy League co-founder Kurt Hallead said, “We thought it would be a really neat way to help college athletes monetize their name image and likeness by using this new technology.”


CVS Meets NFTs

CVS is planning to debut their own NFTs to establish their web3 footprint. 

In a trademark filing now gone public, the popular drug store brand has filed to provide “downloadable virtual goods, namely, a variety of consumer goods, prescription drugs, health, wellness, beauty and personal care products and general merchandise for use online and in online virtual worlds.”

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