Papa John's to Drop NFT in Spite of UK's Regulations | 3.7.22

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Mar 21, 2022

Papa John's to Drop NFT in Spite of UK's Regulations | 3.7.22

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Papa John's to Drop NFT in Spite of UK's Regulations

Papa John’s has taken to the Tezos network to mint their almost 20k piece NFT collection of nine differently designed hot delivery bags. 

The move to go forward with this project goes against the UK’s regulations within the Advertising Standards Authority. Their response being that it was "irresponsible" because it "took advantage of consumers’ inexperience or credulity and trivialized investment in cryptocurrency." 


Harry the Hawk Meets Crypto

Harry the Hawk, beloved mascot of the Atlanta Hawks, will be featured in the team’s new NFT venture. The deal comes as a partnership with the Atlanta-based GigLabs.

“GigLabs is an Atlanta-based technology company that provides white labeled end-to-end API technology stack for brands to launch NFT storefronts and marketplaces,” according to FanNation.

The collection will include 40 hand-drawn illustrations of Harry the Hawk, set to launch March 14. 

The project will feature four different levels:

Harry the Hawk NFT 

Harry the Hawk NFT + $500 to the Hawks shop

Harry the Hawk NFT + Signed Jersey

Harry the Hawk NFT + Exclusive experiences

The sole Harry NFT will start out at $50 with each tier starting higher. 

“We strive to continue enhancing the way we engage with our global fanbase… As we launch these one-of-a-kind NFTs, we are thrilled to provide fans with opportunities and experiences that are unique and have never before been possible,” said Hawks CEO Steve Koonin.

Consumers will be able to purchase without owning crypto, however they will still have to create an account with Dapper Wallet.


DraftKings Becomes Polygon Validator

With the help of partnering with Hash Zero, a digital asset startup who helps integrate crypto and non-fungible tokens into its clients’ platforms. DraftKings will be one of the top validators for the Polygon marketplace. 

“Participating in validation supports DraftKings’ broader strategy of building out a robust, sustainable, trustworthy and decentralized infrastructure to help future-proof aspects of our business in the Web 3 era,” said Paul Liberman, the company’s global tech and product president.

According to CoinDesk, “Since its debut, DraftKings’ marketplace has released 116 NFT collections grossing $44 million in sales revenue, according to a representative.”

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