Ethereum's Buterin Clears Up BAYC Comments | 3.22.22

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Mar 24, 2022

Ethereum's Buterin Clears Up BAYC Comments | 3.22.22

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Ethereum's Buterin Clears Up BAYC Comments

Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin made headlines over the weekend due to comments he made seemingly bashing the ever-popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. 

In a recent interview with TIME, Buterin said this about the million dollar project, “The peril is you have these $3 million monkeys and it becomes a different kind of gambling.”

Buterin has come out to clarify his statements. 

In a tweet by Neeraj K. Agrawal, he linked to this article, which resulted in a comment by Buterin himself saying, “I don't hate Apes, I just want them to fund public goods!”

Some in the space have commented back to Buterin to highlight projects aimed at public good, as well as sharing the $1M match the BAYC made to Ukraine.

Bored Apes DJ Duet ESCAPEPLAN Signs with "Big 4" Talent Agency

As Bored Apes take over the media landscape, it’s only natural they tap into the vast industry of music entertainment. 

Bored Ape DJ group ESCAPEPLAN, who consists of BAYC #309 and #4321, have signed with Hollywood talent agency WME. Bored Ape #309 will go by zETH and #4321 by ETHan. 

ESCAPEPLAN has plans to release multiple songs in the future with electronic artist Dillon Francis. Francis accepted Bored Ape #378 as partial payment from Big Night Entertainment. The team that so happens to manage ESCAPEPLAN. 

“I had to have an Ape so that I could be in the music videos with ESCAPEPLAN,” Francis said. 

ESCAPEPLAN has a music video out now in conjunction with Rich the Kid. Check out “Jungle” here.


DeFi Enthusiast In Phishing Scam - Out $1.7M

Arthur Cheong, founder of DeFiance Capital and experienced crypto investor, has been phished out of aprox. $1.7M. 

Cheong believes the root of the scam was through a spear-phishing email from one of DeFiance’s portfolio companies. When the founder accessed the file attached, the hacker got access to one of Cheong’s hot wallets. 

As defined by Decrypt, “[a] "hot" crypto wallet is one that is connected to the internet at all times, making them especially vulnerable to attacks.

According to PeckShield, Cheong had CloneXs, 17 Azukis, 33 Second Selfs, two Hedgies, and two Tsubasa NFTs lifted from his wallet. 

The venture capitalist said in a tweet of the unfortunate incident, "Well, this hit me hard but if I got exploited as a fairly sophisticated 5 years crypto user (DeFi user, password manager, mostly hardware wallet), I'm not sure how I can persuade most normal people to put a substantial part of their net worth on chain anymore.”


Bored Apes Take the Marketplace

Yuga Labs, the creators behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, have come out to announce that they have been valued at $4B, due to a $450M. 

What are they going to do with such a price tag? Yuga does have some plans. 

On Twitter, YL introduced the Otherside, the team’s metaverse project. Their hope is to create games and more of a “Ready Player One” experience, which will be user run.

Yuga said they will be partnering with multiple gaming studios to bring their vision of the Otherside to fruition. This metaverse won’t be solely for the BAYC community, but for web3 as a whole. 

YL co-founder Greg Solano believes that other takes on the metaverse are going about the wrong way and says their idea for the metaverse will highly promote the engagement of users making real friendships in the space. 

“You only play with people and make friends because you’re getting your ass kicked,” He said. “Basically, we don’t think deep social experience comes from essentially a Zoom chat and walking around saying ‘hi."

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