Moonbird CC0nfusion



Aug 11, 2022

Moonbird CC0nfusion

Moonbird hodlers woke up the morning of August 4th expecting to have their coffee and enjoy their days. But nobody in the web3 space was expecting the announcement that Kevin Rose and Moonbird leadership made. In summary, they announce that Moobird NFT assets (jpgs) would no longer be under ownership of the hodler. They announced that they will be moving to CC0 (creative commons 0) for their IP rights.

CC0 is the "no copyright reserved" option in the Creative Commons toolkit which means that now anyone in the public is able to utilize the Moobird NFT images. This has major implications for hodlers that have claimed they were in the process of setting up licensing deals worth 6 figures. This could effectively shatter those deals.

Founder Kevin Rose claims this is a part of their "Breaking all the rules" mentality and that they are doing it FOR the community. However, a lot of people would have loved to be involved in the conversation just merely for the fact that they spent over $30k on their NFT!

Only the future will tell what is in store for the project and how things will ultimately unfold!

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