NFT Market Picking Back Up...

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Jul 14, 2022

NFT Market Picking Back Up...

The NFT market is on fire! Kind of. The last four weeks have actually been quite good. Here's some data, courtesy of Nansen (a great product).

First off, transaction volume has been increasing consistently over the last month.

Secondly, OpenSea volume is almost back to January levels in terms of the quantity of transactions.

The recent trend has largely been driven by existing/returning buyers, but there's been a slight increase in first-time NFT investors, which we love to see.

Prices have been increasing too. Nansen's NFT 500 index hit a low on June 15, and is up about 40% since then.

Hopefully this trend continues! We'll keep you updated. Want free updates like this delivered to your inbox a few times per week? Sign up for our newsletter here!

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