NFT Web Series to Allow NFT Holders to Craft the Storyline | 3.14.22

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Mar 21, 2022

NFT Web Series to Allow NFT Holders to Craft the Storyline | 3.14.22

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NFT Web Series to Allow NFT Holders to Craft the Storyline

Mila Kunis’ digital break off production company, Sixth Wall, has merged with web3 animation studio Toonster to create the animated NFT web series “The Gimmicks.”

The show centers around washed up wrestlers who are trying to get back in the spotlight. It’s in this case that art imitates life. The project came about when two pro wrestlers were let go by the WWE due to the pandemic. 

Luke “Doc” Gallows and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson wanted to get creative outside of the arena space and keep their stories alive. Both wrestlers are highly involved in the project. So much so that they are even voicing characters on the show. 

What truly breaks this series apart from the rest is that at the end of every episode, NFT holders of “The Gimmicks” will get to vote on the show’s storyline. Holders of the NFT will get exclusive access to the show’s webisodes before the rest of the public. 

Kunis anticipates the show to be a place where people unfamiliar with NFTs and web3 can dip their feet into the new digital space. 

“It goes along with our mission of onboarding new people into Web3… We know the NFT-curious can be afraid to jump in, but Toonstar's ideas, tech, and content, combined with the low transaction fees and low environmental impact of the Solana blockchain, make this an easy entry point,” the actress said. 

The 10,000 piece collection will launch on March 18.

Magic Eden Raises $27M

Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden has managed to raise $27M in a Series A funding round. The marketplace’s goal with the fund is to expand their services and products offered. 

 Magic Eden has since said that with the funds, the marketplace hopes to roll out a mobile phone app where people can mint, browse, and trade NFTs as well as creating a space within the marketplace for gaming. 

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