NFTs to Save the Amazon? | 3.26.22

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Mar 28, 2022

NFTs to Save the Amazon? | 3.26.22

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NFTs to Save the Amazon?

How to save the Amazon, you ask? Well, a Brazilian company seems to have the answer. 

Nemus, a Brazilian company with 158 square miles of Amazon to their name is saying that NFTs just might be the answer to prompt land preservations. 

The company began selling NFTs last week that grant buyers “unique sponsorship of different sized tracts of forest, with the proceeds going to preserve the trees, regenerate clear-cut areas and foster sustainable development,” according to CNN News. 

Nemus founder Flavio de Meira Penna said that these NFTs won’t be giving the land away to holders, but that the holders will receive key land information, satellite imagery for their own use, and other documentation.  

Both plot size and pricing vary, from some going for $150 to others $51,000. 

Loopring Highs Post GameStop Collab

Loopring is hoping to attract new customers and liquidity to its ecosystem by offering an Ethereum Virtual Machine-based solution. The EVM will provide low fees for DeFi and NFT investors and developers to do their transactions. 

According to TradingView and Cointelegraph Markets Pro, Loopring hiked up 57% between March 21 and the 23. “Its price increased from $0.78 to $1.23 amid a spike in its 24-hour trading volume to $2.75 billion,” - Cointelegraph.

What really shot up the price was the announcement that GameStop was utilizing Loopring for their beta version of their upcoming NFT marketplace. 

GameStop has said that the reason they chose Loopring was due to the low transaction fees. Beta users can now go in and explore the marketplace pre-launch. 

Also adding to Loopring’s growing pockets is their new network of users. Stats from Dune Analytics share that the “wallet count of the Loopring network has increased from 6,498 on Oct. 30, 2021, to an all-time high of 27,092 on March 25…” - Cointelegraph.

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