OpenSea X Solana | 4.8.22

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Apr 8, 2022

OpenSea X Solana | 4.8.22

GM Ser,

OpenSea X Solana

OpeanSea marketplace making headlines today for their integration of Solana coin NFTs. 

“The moment you’ve been waiting for… @Solana is officially on OpenSea – starting today, with our initial beta!” they announced on Twitter. 

Previously, OpenSea was really only known for Ethereum NFTs along with some Polygon and Katlyn, but bringing in Solana really opens the doors for creators and traders alike. 

OpenSea tweeted that they had already added 165 Solana-based projects to the platform. NFT marketplace Magic Eden is the largest on the Solana blockchain, only time will tell how this new integration will affect the blockchain’s own marketplace.

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