Sotheby's X Liverpool FC | 3.24.22

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Mar 24, 2022

Sotheby's X Liverpool FC | 3.24.22

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Sotheby's X Liverpool FC

Famous UK soccer team Liverpool FC is getting ready to debut their first NFT collection. In doing so, they are partnering with Sotheby’s Metaverse. 

The project will be artwork of all 24 players. The collection will also release “Legendary” one-of-one tokens of each of the 24.

Tokens outside of the legendary mark will be sold starting at $75. The team’s hope in this project is to celebrate fans from anywhere in the world.  

The collection will mint on March 30.

Actor Bill Murray: His Life in NFTS

Bill Murray is partnering with The Chive, a photo site and streaming service, to debut his life stories. 

Every token of his NFT will feature a unique graphic of the actor and an original Bill Murray story that he has shared publicly in other publications or a story he has personally revealed.

John Resig, co-founder of The Chive, said to the Hollywood Reporter, “I asked Bill’s thoughts about all the Bill Murray stories swirling about. Bill gave a surprisingly candid answer, ‘I like them just fine, I was even present for a few.’ Bill leaned in with that mischievous twinkle in his eye, ‘But there are more stories out there, better stories.’ I asked Billy why he hadn’t decided to tell them, to fill in the missing pieces of the mythology? ‘The timing has never been right, nor has the storytelling vehicle. I don’t want to film a documentary or write an autobiography. Social media is for the birds. Still, I wish most people would understand how much I like fresh eggs, laid daily.'”

The Official Bill Murray NFT 1000 will be one of the first projects to launch on the upcoming Coinbase marketplace. Details on when Murray’s collection will launch will be announced in a few weeks. 

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