The Star Trekaverse? | 4.6.22

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Apr 6, 2022

The Star Trekaverse? | 4.6.22

GM Ser,

The Star Trekaverse?

Entertainment giant Paramount is set to launch their own NFT marketplace,  The franchise to usher in the new development will be fan-favorite Star Trek. 

However, there appears to be mixed signals about Star Trek going meta. Paramount is partnering with Recur to create the new platform so that they can “bring Paramount’s beloved entertainment entities, brands and characters to the metaverse.”

The Star Trek collections will start at $250 per pack, which will contain a single ship. According to the Verge, “The ships are stored in what Paramount is calling “Star Trek Continuum,” which is what the company describes as “an experiential hub that will house this first and all future seasons of Star Trek NFTs.”

“Recur and Paramount are building a roadmap of in-real-life utility over the course of this multi-year partnership and Continuum holders will get access to exclusive perks, events and content expanding on the utility of the NFTs digitally and in-real-life,” - Paramount’s press release. 

Paramount expects this to be a launchpad for future projects within the Paramount family, ie: Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon. 

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