Which NFTs Pumped Over The Weekend?

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Aug 1, 2022

Which NFTs Pumped Over The Weekend?

Happy Monday! Let's get straight to it...

CryptoPunks started pumping over the weekend again. This time it was due to the announcement by Tiffany. Regardless of your thoughts on the beauty of the design or price of the mint, this is huge news for the NFT space. One of the biggest luxury brands in the world is doing a collab with Punks. This helps all of us. Punk floor went from 67 to 75 over the last day.

GM Dao, a new NFT art drop studio, also jumped from under 5 Eth to 6.2 Eth. Everyone wants to find the next ArtBlocks.

Stickmen Toys is an interesting new drop that pairs physical toys with NFTs. Not quite a pump, but something to be aware of.

Meebits shot up 20%, mostly off the news of licensing by Yuga and perhaps some tangential lift from the Punks X Tiffany collab.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty quiet. We'll keep you updated with another post tomorrow!

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